This week…

Well, another week, another assignment, exam and a cold. I handed in a 30 page paper on the anatomy of the brain on Monday. Sunday Monday Tuesday I hid at home with a cold, and Friday last week I did a patient interview exam. It’s been one of those weeks, that’s for sure. I’m in my last week of semester (finally!) so I have five weeks of assessments left before I get a break- we’re on the home run! Whoo! One exam down, seven to go. And then a two week clinic placement. Bazinga.

I’ve been making bits and pieces to satisfy my brains’ need to have down time and be creative- I made one open wide zipper pouch from Noodlehead’s blog, and I have three more on the go:


Here are the cut and planned ones:

Another large (above) And two medium sized ones (below), plus my lab coat. Because I’m sure you were all super keen to check that out.


These are for the express purpose of reigning in discussions about how I leave threads and scraps all around our lounge room, and how my projects take over the coffee table. Although at the moment my boyfriend has a painting out on the table, so I figure all is fair in love and war šŸ˜‰ (hopefully they’ll have the added benefit of meaning I lose less pins though haha).

Whilst I’ve been tucked up under a doona with a cup of tea, when I haven been working on anatomy I’ve been making a needlepoint I picked up at the craft fair. This has to be the most relaxing craft ever. It’s honestly like colouring in with threads. I don’t even have to count anything. Brilliant.

Whilst I’ve been at home, I’ve been catching up on everyone’s blogs. Particularly their me made may posts (they seem to have taken over my RSS feed).

What I really can’t believe is that some of the blogs I follow managed to take photos of their outfits for the whole of may! Or at least, for most of may! I have been singlehandedly amazed by the dedication to documenting.

The whole me-made-may thing has had me thinking about personal style though. Lots of the blogs I follow seemed to say that they were amazed at how much more they had to work at their outfits for photos they knew would end up on the web. It’s a pretty big undertaking, and I totally understand where they’re all coming from. I didn’t participate because life is stressful enough at the moment without trying to take photos of myself every day, let alone style my clothes to take photos of them everyday. I have a routine, I stick to it.

But I did keep track of what I wore, and I amazed myself- for the whole of may, I only missed four days of me-made clothing. The rest of the time I was wearing at least one piece. Call me surprised! Admittedly, most of the time they were outfits like this:


This is my winter uniform I think. Leggings, sneakers, singlet, long top or dress, jumper, scarf. So I’m pretty much guaranteed- if I made myself leggings, I’d probably wear me made clothes every day. But most of my tops and dresses these days are made by me, so it’s pretty easy to just throw them into the equation over my singlet and leggings. Easy peasy.

Looking back, I wear plain basics and colourful things over the top. I love colour, I need it in my life. So I can’t just stop at black and grey. I collect scarves, so in winter they tick that colour box perfectly. On reflection though, I think that’s why my sewing always seems so unexciting- I wear black leggings, white, black or grey tops. Grey shorts. I put colourful things on top and that’s that. But most of what I make seems far too boring to put up on my blog. Can you imagine? “Hey guys, here’s another white t-shirt” I can hear the snoring and unconscious bodies dropping from here.

So I don’t know if I’ll do me-made-may next year. It looks like fun, and I love seeing what everyone else makes, but I just don’t know.
What about you guys? Have any of you been overwhelmed by the me-made-may phenomenon?

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One Response to This week…

  1. I could participate in MMM if I limited myself to scarves; but that’s all I’d do (because I don’t have enough me-made clothes to wear constantly but while I was still employed I didn’t need, or didn’t feel the need, to augment my working wardrobe by making anything). Not exciting. White t-shirts, however, can be quite dramatic, especially when you sew the neckband on the wrong side. Three times. Good luck with the study and exams.

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