We interrupt your viewing to bring you this announcement…

Hey friends!

I thought I’d pop in for a short moment to show you something wonderful that arrived in the mail!

I have been on the hunt for some thread snips to live next to my sewing machine for a while now, and my wonderful Mum (Hi Mum!! Never fear, I’ve only stopped studying for a tiny moment!) said she would buy me some sewing things for my birthday… So, of course, I ordered myself some things from Anna Maria Horners website (!!!! OHMAN I’M SO EXCITED!!!!) annnnnnnnd I also ordered myself something cute, and beautiful and handy….


These gorgeous snips are from Thewallinna’s Etsy shop, and they got here all the way from Japan so fast I can’t believe it! They’re so lovely, I can’t even explain. They’re nice and solid feeling, incredibly sharp, and they have that heft to them that makes them seem like they’re the kind of thing that one day when I’m 90 I’ll pass them on to somebody young enough to still see the threads to snip them off 🙂

Thewallinna’s blog is one of my favourite blogs to read. She makes some awesome clothes, and always has funky, quirky designs, cool ideas, and amazing couture methods in her work. If you’ve never checked her blog out, go and have a look! The detail she works in to some of her creations is amazing. She puts lovely little details in her sewing, and lovely little details in her packages! My thread snips came with an adorable little origami kimono, and I couldn’t resist taking a photo of that to show you too!

Image Anyway, I need to get back to studying- five exams down, three to go!! I have managed to do a little sewing, and I have some new projects to show you next week after these exams are out of the way (don’t worry mother dearest, the sewing hasn’t stopped the study :P)

Stay tuned 🙂

x Jen

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4 Responses to We interrupt your viewing to bring you this announcement…

  1. thewallinna says:

    Happy be-lated birthday! I am so glad you like the scissors! ^.^

    • Thanks! My birthday isn’t until the 26th, so these are like an extra early surprise present… that wasn’t a surprise at all since I bought them… But I’m sure you know what I mean 😉

  2. jen says:

    Love those snips, I may need a pair myself. Good luck with the exams!

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