The long time no see tops…

Hello friends.

Life has been busy. Life still is busy. I’m not going to lie. I have to be up at 5:30am most days for uni, so I don’t have much time to do anything but eat, run and study. Stress levels are high. Eating, running and study change depending on the day of the week and the level of stress.But I am alive, and I have been making things once a month or so.

I thought I’d do a big photo dump of all the tops I’ve made in the last few (4 or 5?) months. For your viewing privilege, here is my chaotic curly hair. Enjoy. Here goes:

Here is the Blank Canvas Tee by Cake (?) Patterns (It was released before Cake patterns was a thing, but it’s the same mastermind behind it). I had to modify it to within an inch of its life, by adding the shirt tab  hem, bringing it in by approx 2 inches at the sides, lowering the neckline… But theoretically, that’s the pattern I started with! You can see my other grey version in the Tania Culottes post from a few months ago. Anyway, here’s top number 1:


Excuse my weird facial expression. The builders next door were doing something strange, and I’m tired. I pull stupid faces when those things coincide.

I like this T-shirt. I’ll probably only ever wear it in public with another top underneath it though, because the fabric is so sheer, but I like it still. It’s airy and floaty and comfy. I used a CB seam to save on fabric, and made most of it (all of it) on the overlocker I’ve been borrowing from my mum. It took about an hour from cutting to sewing.

Here are my latest two Washi tops. I made them using the exact same pattern (with neckline alterations), but the purple one is tight, and the floral one is not. I don’t get it, but whatevs. I can’t fix it now. I took two lines of shirring out of the top of the purple one, and that made it fit a little better, but it’s still really tight across the bust. I don’t know. The floral one I love, but there’s a reason this neckline is designed with a facing: pro tip, it’s because it needs a facing. This neckline stretches out without it. The fabric is too delicate for me to add one after the fact, ripping out the bias would destroy the fabric I think.ImageImage


The purple top is some mystery fabric from my stash from when I was a teenager. I had this and a beautiful poppy print which will hopefully be another pair of Tania Culottes. I think they’re both just printed poplins, there’s definitely some polyester or something in them, although they’re mostly cotton. The floral fabric is some Japanese Lawn from spotlight. I own a lot of this. Whenever new prints of it go on sale and or clearance, I’m all up in that action. At this point in time I have five or six different prints of it in my stash. Its ridiculous, but it’s pretty much the only fabric spotlight sells that I like. So get used to it. There will be more.

Lastly here are my two Wiksten Tova tops. I like both of them, but the floral gets the most wear. It’s made out of, you guessed it, Japanese Lawn from Spotlight. I love that print for some reason, and I still have a bit of it left. Hopefully I can get a t-shirt out of it or something. The white sleeveless needed some modifications other than just removing the sleeves. I probably should have raised the armscye further along the shoulder line. At the moment where the top strikes it makes me look as broad as a rugby player. And I missed one of the reinforced corners when I was sewing in the front placket (I’m not really sure what to call that top front panel??). It will probably become that “throw on over bathers on the way to the beach” top (it’s pretty see-through). I’m ok with that. I’m going to love wearing it with some cut off denim shorts I think.Image



Anyway, there’s my big photo dump. I hope you’re all going well, and having a less stressful winter and spring. The sun has been out here for two days, and I’m looking forward to swims and beaches and a break in 9 weeks when semester ends! Off to my anatomy study I go! Wish me luck!


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4 Responses to The long time no see tops…

  1. Gjeometry says:

    Very nice array of tops! I love your washi tops, that cut is very flattering. And the wiksten tova tunic is also cute.

  2. Megan says:

    Thanks for sharing, even if it was just a photo dump. Great shirt inspiration, I really need to make some new ones for fall. I love the last one especially, I may have to get that pattern.

    • Thanks! The last one is probably my favourite, and it can be dressy or not, warm or not- it’s pretty versatile 🙂 it also comes in a dress length but I think a dress that shape on me will make me look a bit like a mountain! But it looks great on lots of people round the blogosphere 🙂

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