Hey there!

So, I’ve been away. Sorry! I wasn’t fully intending on having such a long hiatus, but then I had a two week placement at a hospital (incredibly rewarding and fun- turns out I might be studying the right thing here people!) and then I worked full time until I went back to uni last week. Blah. Any spare time went to sewing, rather than writing about it. What can you do, life is tough haha šŸ™‚

Thankfully, this means I have a backlog of creations for you all to check out, so stay tuned! Here, at least, is my latest make:


It’s the Disparate Disciplines Avocado Hoodie. You can tell this by the trendy second set of pockets, just waiting for someone to steal your phone out of…


Alternatively, they’re there for your loved one/friend/pet hampster to put their hand in as you walk around with your arms around each other. I like this in principal, I really do, and it does work with my loved one (more to come on that in another post, since I made the boys version for him for his birthday), but I do wonder if it perhaps adds extra bulk to areas I don’t need any bulk added in…


I was inspired by Lauren from Lladybird’s version from way back when she pattern tested it here. And I wanted to do something a bit different and add a bit of personalisation, so I embroidered Anna Maria Horner’s Waves of Plenty border cross stitch across the front pocket.I did this by sewing through a piece of graph paper I had pinned to the fleece and then trapped in my enormous embroidery hoop. I forgot to take a picture of this process for some unknown reason. On a big scale cross stitch like this it worked pretty well. I’ve used the same method for another project that I’ll show you later on that it didn’t work so well with.

I panicked half way through this and thought I was going to end up with aĀ  Christmas sweater when I realised I had chosen red floss for a mint green fabric. Luckily I don’t think it screams Christmas too much. It’s just as well, because Christmas here is often 40 degrees celsius (104 degrees farenheit for those of you in the states). I don’t think a thick fleece jumper is very appropriate then. I sound like I’m joking. It often gets hotter than that.


I really wanted to rave about this pattern, but there are a few things that are a little weird about it. There are lots of things I do like though, so I’ll start with those. Once I started sewing, it came together pretty super fast (about 2 hours from start to finish). The princess seams on his and hers are great. The sleeves match in well ( I didn’t even ease the sleeve to set it in, I could fit it in without any basting/gathering stitches pretty easily), and the hood is a winner- the perfect size:


Things that weren’t so great… Well. The PDF’s are HUGE. Like 90000000 pages. It took me hours and hours to lay out cut, tape, trace and cut out the pattern pieces. and the star thing? It was HARD. There are little five pointed stars in the corners of each piece that you have to match up. Seriously. I hate stars. I don’t know what they were thinking. All the cutting time you save was lost again trying to match those goddamn stars up.

The pocket tabs stick out, and the instructions there are just not so great in general. The sleeve cuffs are TIGHTER THAN ANY KNOWN THING TO MANKIND. I don’t know what I did to them, if it was me or the pattern, but those things are TIGHT. Like, I can barely get my hand in there, and I can’t do anything other than wear them with the sleeve all the way down and the thumb loops on. I’m going to have to cut them off and make a new set, because as it is it’s ridiculous. I can’t push the sleeve up far enough to read my watch. It’s not like I have sumo arms or anything either. Also, who uses facings with knit fabrics? I used the facings in my boyfriends one, and they’re a bit weird, so for mine I just fed some ribbon in to my over locker as I attached the hood. Easy as. I had another moment of panic when I forgot to check if I would still be able to get it on without any stretch at the neck line, but it works- phew! Next time I’ll use clear elastic and skip the facing again.

Over all, I’m going to make this pattern again. But I’m going to have to rework those pocket tabs next time. I’ll also have to add an inch or two to the the bodice length above the pocket, because it’s a teensy bit short on me (even though I’m short waisted (I barely have a torso) and Lauren said hers was long? I don’t even know.). And I will definitely have to use different sleeve cuffs. And I’ll raise the neckline by an inch, maybe two. I cut and used the size 10 if anyone is interested, which as a finished garment was the closest to matching my measurements. I didn’t want it to be huge, so I did that on purpose. Aaaand I used a fleece that I bought online. It’s warmer than I thought possible, and I think a poly/cotton blend. Because hoodies should be snuggly and warm. That’s just the rule.

Here’s my last pic. I hope you have all fared well over the winter šŸ™‚


Peace out! Jen.

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3 Responses to Hey there!

  1. It’s the wrong green to scream “Christmas”, so panic not. Love the cross-stitch, that’s very clever.

  2. steph says:

    can the hoodie be made with out the back pockets? and with out the seam across the tummy? like make the front one piece?

    • It could totally be made without the back pockets. The seam in the middle on the front allows the top of the front pocket to be attached. If you wanted to keep the top pocket you would either need to make it cover the entire front piece or attach it with a line of stitching at the middle of the front anyway. I don’t know if it would be worth trying to eliminate it.

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