Pyjama Time!


So over at Did you make that? there’s a pyjama party happening, and I thought I might get involved. No, you’re right, these aren’t Sewaholic Tofino’s… But really we’re lucky they exist at all, so let’s concentrate on the positives shall we? When the PJ party was announced I got all excited, but it was right in the middle of exams, so I was a) poor, and b) in the middle of exams, so I knew I wouldn’t really have time to do anything. Right? Right? WRONG.

Because I’m awesome, I managed to double book myself last night (fail), and leave myself free tonight…(WIN). So what did I do on my Saturday night off?? I made pyjama pants, of course.




So tonight I decided that I probably could manage to get some made. I drafted the pattern myself earlier this evening- I rubbed off a pair of old pj’s that have weird holes in them and have become all threadbare. And then I just chopped into the fabric and stitched them up! I think I spent about thirty minutes sewing all up!

I wish I had thought to make weird patterns with the little fish up the centre back seam!

I wish I had thought to make weird patterns with the little fish up the centre back seam!

P1030889 I’ve gotta say, they were pretty easy. I’m kind of embarrassed that I didn’t make them two months ago when the temperature here dropped into icicle land. The pattern I drafted worked pretty well, but I don’t think I quite got the grain line right, because on one leg the side seam seams to have a mind of it’s own (dyageddit?? hehe) and it twists around to the top of my foot a bit. And I need to make the centre back rise a bit longer, in order to avoid my kidneys seeing too much of the light of day. But generally, I can’t believe I drafted up a pants pattern! I would have loved to buy Sewaholics tofino pattern, but I just couldn’t justify it at the moment (particularly since I bought a pattern last week…more to come soon!). I love to support small businesses, but until I’m qualified and I have a significantly larger income, I have to be more frugal and less philanthropic. One day.

Buying fabric in Perth is like driving into the desert and trying to buy a swimming pool. It’s just not really going to happen. But I got lucky, and happened to get to spotlight about two months ago, just after they got all their printed flannelette in for the season. Here’s a picture of the cute little fish andΒ  the background ripple. Win.

Fish and ripples! Winning at life. Sorry about the blurriness. It's too dark here to get good shots at the moment.

Fish and ripples! Winning at life. Sorry about the blurriness. It’s too dark here to get good shots at the moment.

How much did it cost me, I hear you ask? These fine pyjama pants cost me a whole $2.50! Because of some confusing maths thing, these worked out to cost a whole, entire… $2.50… Win. WIN. 2 Metres of fabric… Just wow. Spotlight, I hate you so, but sometimes, I must love you too. I added the bow, but it’s just there for fun. It does nothing but mildly amuse Josh. Hah.

Anyway, I hope you’re all nice and snuggly somewhere in your homes, and not freezing like we are. Another great thing about the place I live? Today, when we got home from work, our house was COLDER ON THE INSIDE. Seriously. The temperature DROPPED as we walked into our home. I felt practically naked taking these photos. I went away and put on two more layers and woolen blanket. So I hope you’re all nice and snuggly wherever you are, and I hope you all are having a ball with your pj’s if you made them! Only two exams and then it’s my birthday! Yay!! Here’s one last photo with Josh’s latest painting in the background. Have an awesome Sunday in your pyjamas! x Jen

Check out my partners awesome new painting of Walt from Breaking Bad... He's watching you. That's really the only reason I've included this photo.

Check out my partners awesome new painting of Walt from Breaking Bad… He’s watching you. That’s really the only reason I’ve included this photo.

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23 Responses to Pyjama Time!

  1. Gjeometry says:

    Goldfish!! These are very cute, love them. I’m also participating in the pajama sewalong and will have my jammies posted later today. I also made a pajama top! (Well, actually working on the top now….so hopefully it will get completed, lol)

  2. Megan says:

    There’s nothing wrong with copying from RTW. I’ve had some of my biggest successes this way. I’m with you on spotlight, but TT have a half price sale starting today. Yay, see you there!

  3. Respect! That is some seriously impressive last-minute sewing and I love the fabric. Also, thanks for putting up with the cold to get these piccies! I’m really glad you managed to take part.

  4. Loving the goldfish!

  5. Catherine says:

    Great jammies! and self drafted to boot! So cool!
    ahhh spotlight. The best i was able to walk out of there with was some blue gingham. If i was sewing for kids then i would have been fine!
    Its super rainy and freezing in Sydney tonight. I love that we Aussies fight the cold with blankets and jumpers instead of the more logical heater. But then again electricity in Oz is so expensive!

    • They’re just so inconsistent! Bah humbug *grumble grumble*. It’s the same here in Perth, just COLD. We could use a heater at our house- we have an old oil heater, but the electricity, is, as you say, extremely expensive… And we’d just lose the warm air through the weird walls and windows and the like. Oh well. At least we’re only renting πŸ˜‰ I saw your 60’s themed pjs, they look great!

  6. Goldfish – how fab and fun!

  7. EmSewCrazy says:

    That gold fish print is so cute! Stay warm and enjoy the new pjs.

  8. Chantal says:

    What a fun print! Great job! My house is almost always colder on the inside too – it just doesn’t get any direct sunlight 😦

  9. Kim says:

    Love your pj’s! The fabric is awesome and I can relate to the pattern buying problem.. Since I started my first job my mailbox has found some lovely things in it!

  10. Katrina says:

    Nice one! Loving your enthusiasm in your pics for the make, even if the last one is a bit creepy wit the painting. Have never seem properly printed flannel before, or at least ones which aren’t gross. You really scored a winner in the fabric shop!

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