Oooh pretty…

I dropped in to my local fabric shop yesterday after an extremely long mission (think a short car ride, a 1km walk, a terminating 500m bus ride, a 15min wait, a 1km bus ride and then finally a 1.5km walk- all with massive anatomy text books!). I went in to buy two zips for a new pencil case… And I came out with 9m of fabric and three zips! Turns out three fabrics I’ve been eyeing off forever- my favourite Japanese lawns- were all on clearance for $5 a metre!!! So of course I took the chance to nab some- you can’t just let chances like this pass you by!! Haha

I haven’t totally decided what to do with them yet, but I thought I’d share the prettiness with you all to brighten up your Friday! I’m off the the craft fair with my wonderful mum tomorrow (I’m actually having the day off work!!!) and I’m pretty excited! Have a wonderful weekend guys!

PS- sorry about the blurry picture! My iPhone and the perth wind are conspiring against me!

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4 Responses to Oooh pretty…

  1. carlalissa says:

    Lovely prints….

  2. meggipeg says:

    Oh they look nice – Textile Traders sale by any chance? Have fun at the craft fair 🙂

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