A few months ago, just before I went back to uni, I managed to make a pair of Sewaholic Thurlows that actually fit me! It was quite exciting for me. I’ve worn them A LOT. I bought my pattern from Sew Squirrel, a small company here in Australia that stocks indi patterns and will actually ship paper patterns (I get frustrated with how much it costs to ship patterns from the states, and I’d rather support local businesses). I started making these last year when Lladybird had her Thurlow Sewalong.

Unfortunately, right about then my partner and I moved house. So I only got as far as making my muslin before I had to pack everything up and shuffle from A to B. Here’s what my original muslin looked like:


MMMMMM attractive. (I was also making a muslin for a top at the same time… I don’t normally just cruise around in matching clothes made out of sheets and held together with pins…) Sorry about the terrible photo’s- this was the only camera I could find for a while post-move, and I couldn’t find the tripod at all! As you can see, the pattern needed a full butt adjustment and I needed to take some out of the front- if you squint you can see where I’ve pinned out the extra.

About a month after that, I managed to settle in one day and make a wearable muslin out of some old painting sheets and some optimism. I made my pattern alterations but decided to just fly by the seat of my pants (dyageddit?? seat of my pants. Hilarious). No second toile for me. REBEL. Turns out I maybe should have made another, since the second pair are way too big, and I still seemed to need more of a full butt adjustment.

They were definitely too big, so I just gave up on that iteration of the flat pattern and retraced the smaller size. I did a full butt adjustment on the new smaller size, based on measurements I got from RTW pants. They turned out pretty well!!


There’s one tiny gape at the top of the fly, which I don’t know what to do about. I’ve worn them a LOT. The butt adjustment I made worked out pretty well, as you can see below (no diagonal lines or wedgie!!)


And they worked ok in terms of how they fit from the side too 🙂


I lined them with mega pretty lining fabric, which makes me happy whenever I put them on or take them off (I’m easily pleased) and I tacked the hems up with a little cross stitch on the outside of the seams. Satisfaction.



I used some Grey Drill that I had in my stash (as well as the floral poplin which was also in my stash). In terms of wear, it was a pretty good fabric choice, but in terms of long term wear? Less of a win. They hold up fine, and they’re nice and strong, but as I wear them the fabric gives or stretches, so by the end of the first day of wearing them? They have a mega saggy bum. SAD FACE people. Sad. Face. I love them, but I generally get more than one day of wear out of my clothes before washing is required. So overall, I’m a bit meh about them. Next time I need to make them with a fabric that has a bit more recovery I think. Or that is just a bit tougher, and therefore doesn’t stretch so much over the course of a day.

Still. I’m pretty happy 🙂


In other news, have you entered my giveaway of the Mathilde blouse yet? Get in on that action, if you haven’t already!!

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3 Responses to Thurlows!

  1. Sally says:

    Oh hey! These are lovely…and the lining delightful. They look really professionally finished and look really like shorts you’ll wear and wear and wear!

  2. Gjeometry says:

    Very cute shorts and BEEYOOTIFUL lining! They look great.

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