Mathilde Blouse and GIVEAWAY!!

I finally made the Mathilde blouse last week- just in time for my dear Mum’s birthday. Huzzah!! I’ve had 8 weeks of being desperate for a printer, two exams, 12 papers and a manual handling practical. Who knew that life could be so busy, and so hard! Going seven days a week has been more exhausting than I thought possible, I’m looking forward to six weeks time when I have a couple of days off again! Oh to sleep! We just started neuroanatomy at uni, and between study about the brain whilst my brain does the things I’m learning about (does this weird anyone else out?? That your brain does what you’re reading about whilst you’re reading it), and trying to work out how to set in sleeves with french seams, my mind is only working in small drips and drabs at the moment. And it only generates really long sentences apparently.


It was quite an easy make, but somewhat stressful, because I couldn’t do any fittings since I was doing it as a surprise for Mum.

I went to town and did pretty french seams all through the inside, and I’m pretty proud of how it turned out! It took me a solid 10minutes of thinking before I could work out how to sew the sleeves in and still utilise french seams. I couldn’t decide which way ‘out’ the sleeve needed to be, and setting a sleeve into a shoulder backwards but the right way out (when it’s only the second set of sleeves I’ve ever set in) made my mind melt! I managed to do it without any problems though! Think twice leap once, or however that old saying goes, actually really paid off in this instance!!

French seams inside the sleeves- I'm still amazed I worked out how to do this!!

French seams inside the sleeves- I’m still amazed I worked out how to do this!!



French seams on the inside now.

French seams on the inside now.

These are the pretty seams on the inside. I’m pretty proud. I did accidentally attach the interfacing to the wrong side on one of the collar plackets, but you can’t really tell and I was in a hurry!

My mum is one of the most amazing people I know, and I love her to bits. She was my rock when I was a kid, and I appreciate all of the things she has done for me over the years. I know it’s easy to say that. But honestly. She is the kind of person I want to be when I grow up (some more).

Here’s my gorgeous Mum- she doesn’t like to have her face on the internet, so she’s wearing “Joe cool shades” haha:

My mum in her trendy shades, and her trendy new top!

My mum in her trendy shades, and her trendy new top!

The only changes that I made to the pattern were on the sleeves. I used the sleeves off my new Laurel top rather than the sleeves that came with the pattern. My mum isn’t too big on crazy pirate sleeves, so I thought I’d use these instead. They worked really well (and fitted in really easily). I simply ran the lines of gathering stitches and pulled all the gathering to the top of the sleeve for a little bit of pretty puff 🙂

So, onto things you actually want to know about! As part of me winning the pattern for this top from Did you make that?  I get to reblog about it and send one of you lucky people another copy of the pattern! How exciting!

The details: entry is open until Friday the 10th of May, 2300 hrs Australian Western Standard Time. To enter you need to leave a comment on this post about the most random thing that has happened to you that you can think of. I look forward to being thoroughly entertained 🙂 I’ll then randomly select a winner and announce it next weekend!

Good luck!

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69 Responses to Mathilde Blouse and GIVEAWAY!!

  1. Every Stitch says:

    Great job with the blouse. I love it when you can be as proud of the inside of a garment as the outside.
    Random fact. For the first three months I was living in my house my neighbours were all looking at me slightly strangely, until one of them plucked up courage to ask about my “Partner”. Apparently they had all been gossiping about how I was old enough to be his mother. I was tempted to keep quiet and be the neighbourhood cougar, but decided to admit that I am his mother, but he’s not my partner!

  2. Maria says:

    Well, I guess the most random thing that happened to me was how I met my husband!
    I live in Fort Laudedale and l was working at a boat show in Miami (a once every-365 day event) and was invited by a colleague to go to a party afterwards (50/50 chance of me saying yes/no). The party was not boat related but presented by an island resort and private jet company (chances of getting an invitation to this from the organizers = 0%).
    In the meantime, my husband-to-be had also attended the party. He is in no way associated with boating, planes or island resorts! One of his childhood friends, who is a pilot, was in Miami and was going to the party and invited him. My husband also lived in Fort Lauderdale at the time. Neither one of us goes to Miami very often, usually for the occasional work function or when friends/family are in town.
    At the party we were the youngest people there in our 30s) – well, they were catering to a more wealthy clientele. So, we gravitated to one another and ended up spending the whole evening sitting outside talking for hours…. Very serendipidous :o)

    Thank you for the giveaway. Would love to win a copy of Tilly’s Mathilde pattern!

  3. Sarah says:

    I love your mathilde blouse, especially with the sleeve variation, and would love to be entered for the giveaway. I’m drawing a blank on funny random happenings, but my best friends are both called sarah louise, and I’m a sarah too -pretty random/coincidental.

  4. Laura Mae says:

    Lovely blouse – excellent job with the french-seamed set-in sleeves!

    The most recent random moment I can think of was showing up to work in the color orange, and every other woman in the building was wearing some version of the color. Yikes! Proof positive that we spend way too much time together and are beginning to think alike!

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  6. Sharon says:

    Your blouse is a thing of beauty. I would be glad to make one in some airy blush colored pima cotton lawn I have been petting – urg – I mean saving.

    The most random thing that has happened to me is that driving my (new at the time) “yeah, I am a Mom” van – at about 65 mph in a 50 mph zone, Woo-hoo and then – whooooooosh – the light cut out. My dearest things on earth (offspring) were blissfully sleeping in safty seats, and my heart seemed to stop beating. It was a moonless night and I was on a back road, curvy, one lane in each direction, mountain road. I could see nothing. Not even the white line on the highway. I STOPPED, eased over to what I hoped was the side of the highway, and (cue magical fairy wand sound), the lights came back on. No choice but to carry on. Took a few seconds, changed my POV on life.

    It never happened again, my mechanic could find no problems.

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