Pretty little things

Here are some little pin cushions and pins I made a few months ago- a couple will end up being gifts, and a couple will end up stuck to my cutting table and my ironing board so that I’m not forever chasing my pincushion around! (Seriously, I think there was a while where I could have reduced my sewing time by half simply by saving all the time I spent trying to find the silly thing!!)


I made the pincushions one day when I needed a quick, satisfying project that didn’t cost me any money! (Aren’t ALL of the projects like that really??)


It was great. I used fabrics from my scrap bin, and stuffed each of the pincushions with batting as well as steel wool to help keep my pins and needles happy.



I also made a whole heap of pins! I get sick of the crappy plastic headed pins that I can afford, so I made some of my own. I used a little packet of flat head pins that I had tucked away from an old cork board, and a heap of my bead stash and some super glue.


Aside from being a little bit messy some of the time, it was actually a really relaxing project. I could potter away at it whilst I watched some telly at night and in the end, I made a LOT of pins. I plan on giving some of them away with the pincushions, when I finally decide which pincushions I can part with!


I love how much easier the new pins are to pick up, and how  much more rewarding they are- they all feel slightly different, and it’s really nice having that extra proprioceptive feedback.


Anywho, here’s a last shot or two of the pretty things. I hope you guys are keeping your heads above water!

PS: I’ll have the Mathilde blouse done soon hopefully, so the giveaway will be ON LIKE DONKEY KONG! 🙂



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6 Responses to Pretty little things

  1. Gjeometry says:

    Cute pincushions. They look like tiny little quilted pillows. I can’t believe you glued beads onto all those flathead pins! Holy Patience!

  2. Fashionista says:

    The pins! What an excellent idea. Although I can’t even begin to think where I would find the patience to do that. However I will stick it in my “Things I Would Like To Do” file.

    May I ask exactly how you got the teeny tiny bead to stick to the pin without getting glue all over the pin?

    • Thanks! I used the super glue tip to pop a tiny drop of glue at the very end of the pin, and the I slid the bead down to the head of the pin. Then I left them to dry on some scrap paper 🙂 easy! The best is to get yourself set up and then you can plug away at it any time you’re watching Telly or a movie or something 🙂

  3. I really love your pins! You have more patience than I.

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