The “I’m sure I can make that top better” tops…

Late last year, and early this year my partner and I spent a few weeks in Borneo. Especially for the trip, I made a few pieces of clothing to tide me  over (at the time of the trip I didn’t have much in the way of a casual wardrobe). Just before we left, my sister had a gorgeous top on that I liked and figured I could make one without too much effort- turns out, I could!


This has become one of my favourite items from my wardrobe, and one of my favourite self-drafted patterns. It’s one pattern piece, the same at the front and back- essentially a normal singlet top, with a massive flare underneath the bust. It’s lovely, floaty, comfortable and easy to wear. I made it out of Modal that cost me $9. And, the entire process, from drafting to a wearable top, took about 2 hours! It’s just winning on all fronts! Here’s another few pics 🙂


Just as an aside, I have no idea what my boyfriend managed to do here… He seemed to be taking normal photo’s, but then when I put them on my computer, all of them make me look like a midget. My torso and head are unusually large, and my legs seem to be about the size of my arms (see?? SEE??) So weird.

I got my draft on again this week just gone, and made a mod of this singlet. New favourite wardrobe item? I think so. Check this shizzle out!


But wait! I hear you ask… What have you actually changed?? You might be forgiven for thinking that all I seemed to do in this photo was make the top in green… YOU WERE WRONG. See case in point below:


I inserted a lace panel ya’ll. Check it!. Bazinga.

I realise this isn’t as big a deal as I am making it sound, but I’ve never sewn together a non-stretch and a stretch fabric before. And I’ve never pattern hacked one of my self drafted patterns before. So on almost all fronts, this was a new experience to me. It came together, once I had the nouse to actually DO it, in about an hour, if not less. It was so easy! Yet again, the angle of these photo’s is weird. I don’t know. You’d think my photography ninja boyfriend would have had it covered. Apparently not.

Anyway, here’s a last parting photo of me, and yet again, I’m looking sheepish and poking my tummy out. But meh. It’s still a nice top, and I’m still chuffed with how it turned out 🙂

And I stash-busted the lace too! So win 🙂Image

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2 Responses to The “I’m sure I can make that top better” tops…

  1. That’s a great top – looks so comfie! How are you getting on with the Mathilde blouse, lovely? It would be fabulous to be able to select the next winner.

    • Hi! Sorry for the silence! I got held up because just after I won, my printer broke, and long story short it took SIX WEEKS (!!!!!) to get a new one sent that actually worked (the first one they sent was two weeks late and was broken Straight out of the box- mega frustrating!) So anyway, my new printer arrived last week, but I have four papers due this week, and then sewing bonanza time (aka, a day to sew) next week… So in answer, next week should be the go 🙂

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