Radio silence…

Hey there! Sorry for the radio silence guys!

My printer broke the day before I went back to uni (DEVASTATION)… And then I ordered a new one, waited 2 weeks for its arrival… AND IT DIDN’T WORK! I waited a week for the new ink to arrive, which the lady assured me would fix the problem, and SURPRISE! It still doesn’t work. I have literally tried standing on my head and turning the stupid thing on with my foot, and alas, still no joy. One day I will get a new printer (I now have to post this one to the other side of the country and wait for a new one to arrive). In the mean time I just need to take out a home loan to pay for my printing at uni. This means no printing out of patterns for me, since the price of the pattern would almost double if I printed them at uni! Sad face 😦

I have been making things though! I’ll be taking some photo’s in the next couple of days, so that I can share 🙂

I was also lucky enough to take possession of my wonderful mum’s overlocker last weekend, and whilst I need to give it some TLC, I’m quite excited to have it to play with!! I bought the beginner serging class on craftsy to get me some serger-skillz, so here’s to hoping I can tame the beast 🙂

Soon! Soon, I will have something to share with you all!

Do you ever find yourself spending ALL of your sewing time trying to fix something unrelated to sewing??

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