Learning to knit

I’ve been learning how to knit this last month or so. I finally bit the cool-knitting-kid bug and had a go. My mum taught me the basic stitch:


And then I worked out how to do stockingette: (not my best, and it’s un-blocked!)

And now, I’m making this! It’s the Honey Cowl link here.

My progress isn’t great (I’ve been exhausted going back to uni and having work or uni all seven days of the week) but I’m enjoying finally having tamed that extra stick! I’ve left in a few of my mess ups, because I like that you can see that I was learning with it šŸ™‚


My most recent progress is here:


It’s hard to tell from the photo, but there really is more done! Sorry about the shoddy photos, I had to take them on my iPhone :/

I’m using a beautiful single ply merino from New Zealand, that was on special at my local knitting store. $12 for both skeins! Win!

Have any of you started knitting in the last few years? It’s surprisingly easy once you work out where to put all your thumbs I’ve found!


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