I made my first knickers the other day (!!)

It was quite an exciting moment for me! Despite making them WAY too big, they turned out really well 🙂


The sides are folded under a solid 5 centimetres on either side here! Ooops! Totally my fault and no reflection on the pattern I used, I have to add. I made them with the Tried and True pattern by The Makers Journal but instead of using a woven, I just swapped out the light lawn or voile that the pattern calls for, and used some lovely knit fabric from my stash. ROOKIE ERROR PEOPLE!

What was I thinking!!?? They obviously have to be a certain size for them to work in NON-STRETCHY WOVEN fabric, right? So you think I would have compared them to some of my RTW knickers and though “Hmmm, these pattern pieces are a lot bigger than my knickers, maybe I should cut them a few sizes down…” Alas… I did not. So I got these:


Totally wearable, thanks to some nifty last minute measuring with the knicker elastic, but rather over sized, all the same!

To use the lovely fabric scrap that I had (which came in a bag of jersey off cuts for $5 SO CHEAP MY HEAD MIGHT EXPLODE) I added a centre back seam to be sneaky and efficient with fabric, as seen here:


Handy I used that mismatches pale green thread Eh??

It’s a shame I didn’t check the sizing properly the first time though, since I could have got the whole piece out as one if I had down sized to the correct size! Ooops!!

You live and you learn, right??


Sorry. I just got overly excited… The love blog Did you make that? has just hosted a great giveaway for the new Mathilde Blouse, by Tilly and the Buttons AND I WON!!

I’m very excited. Can you tell!

So everyone should go and check out these lovely ladies, and their lovely blogs! Although, I do realise that most of you are probably only here having been referred by Did you make that… But still, GIVE HER YOUR LOVE PEOPLE! She holds the keys to one of my favourite blogs!

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3 Responses to Knickers!

  1. Ha, ha, ha! Very glad to have made you so happy.

  2. rosyragpatch says:

    Glad you managed to make your knickers wearable in the end. I’ve got a pattern for non-stretch knickers & I’ve made them lots of times – I can recommend giving them a try.

    • I’m really scared they’ll just end up making me look like I’m wearing a nappy, and then further down the track I”m terrified they’ll just be uncomfortable to actually wear! Oh well, they say fear is good for making you do new things right?

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