I made a Washi Dress!

Check it out- I’ve been making things I can wear in public!

Technically, although this doesn’t fit in with February’s Love challenge in the Stash-busting Sewalong, it was still stashbusting, so I’m totally claiming it!


This is the Washi Dress, by Made by Rae, and it’s my second attempt at the pattern. I had a bit of a fiasco when I first made this dress- I printed it all out and cut it and sewed it up, and it mysteriously didn’t fit me in the slightest! It was like an epic boob-crushing, see through catastrophe! FAIL. Wanna know what I did? I accidentally forgot to print the pattern unscaled, at 100%, so every inch was about 7/8ths of an inch- a small error in terms of only one inch, but over the course of an entire pattern? PRETTY SIGNIFICANT!

So, the other day one of my lovely friends dropped round and I mentioned how I wanted to sew a dress for our housewarming (which was THE NEXT DAY) but I hadn’t decided what to make… And then it occurred to me that the dress that failed would nearly be the right size for her. Guess what? She was pretty much the perfect size for it, so I finished my seams and hemmed it and gifted her a lovely, slightly see-through white dress- Hurrah! I made some alterations when I was sewing that version up- I was still using my mums OLD Husqvarna-Viking machine, so I was too scared to try and put elastic thread through the bobbin. So I did this awesome sneaky thing where I fully lined the bodice section of the dress and sewed channels with elastic in them a la peasant dress, rather than doing some shirring. It worked a treat actually, but I have a new machine, so I thought I’d give the shirring a go this time round. I reprinted the pattern, this time at 100% like I was meant to…

It worked a treat, see below!ImageWell, you can’t really see from this far away, but I promise, it’s real shirring like people who really know how to sew use! Much excitement here people πŸ™‚

The only modification I made was to throw a four inch hem on the dress, since it made me feel a bit middle aged where it was hitting my knee at the intended length. I wasn’t brave enough to actually hack off the extra fabric though, alas, so the inside of my hem has some weird pleat things in it to take up the extra fabric on the inside. Overall I’m happy with the fit and the dress in general, and it’s nice to have a dress that fits pretty well straight out of the pattern envelope.

I used some peacock coloured poplin I had buried in my stash to make the dress up with, and I had the same weird problem this time as I had when I made a dirndl skirt with it last year- it gets these weird patchy stain marks on it, despite the fact that it hasn’t ever been stained with anything. Case in point- check out my right ass cheek in the photo above, or the very front of my dress in the photo below:ImageIt isn’t too noticeable in real life unless I’m hanging out in bright light and pointing the marks out to people, so I’ll keep wearing the dress, but it’s super weird! I haven’t got the faintest idea where they come from, and it’s only happened on the two pieces of clothing I’ve made from this poplin. So weird.

Anyway, if anyone cares, I also made my pretty headscarf- it’s some gorgeous Liberty of London Lawn with little birds on it. I hand stitched the entire length, both sides, with a tiny little rolled hem. I could only afford a 20cm width of the fabric, but I love it as a headscarf, and I can guarantee that there aren’t likely to be many other peeps around with galahs on their scarves πŸ™‚

Overall, I love the pattern for the dress, it was really easy to put together, and it’s lovely and cool to wear in this hot Aussie summer (36 degrees here today, and it’s considered cool weather compared to the 40 degree days we have coming up!) so I think I’ll get a bit of wear out of it πŸ™‚

Anyone else out there made this pattern and love it like I do?

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11 Responses to I made a Washi Dress!

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  2. Nessa says:

    Your dress looks lovely!! Great idea with the hem, it really suits you.
    As to the stains, I sometimes get them on items I make and I think mine come from the iron. Perhaps bigger droplets of steam, and with the extra little “whatevers” that live inside the iron it doesn’t seem to disappear and leaves a watermark. But chin up, if this is the origin of your stains, they’ll come out in the wash, never to be seen again!

    • I’ll keep my fingers crossed and pay more attention- I haven’t really looked closely to see if they’re still there after the last few washes (I’ve been wearing the dress a lot!) because, well, I’m wearing it either way because it’s so comfy πŸ™‚

  3. EmSewCrazy says:

    This totally counts as stashbusting! You did a lovely job and look very nice in it. I really like the headscarf too!

  4. BeaJay says:

    Great dress. Love the neckline – looks fab on you.

  5. Marieke says:

    Your dress looks wonderful. I’m glad you managed to work through the issues and get a functional dress out of it!

    I’m also glad mentioned having some issues with the fit and citing pattern measurements as an issue. I had a friend print my pattern for me, and while I stressed several times that it needed not to scale and to be printed at 100%, now I measure the 1″ it seems to be 15/16th of an inch. So, not 1/8 per inch smaller like yours, “only” 1/16th, but when you mentioned how that can add up over the course of an entire pattern, it did make me think. Hopefully this will mean I don’t need to do bust adjustments or moving the dart lower.


    • All the best! At least you’ll know if the fit is retarded you probably only need to print it out again πŸ™‚ Rather than spending weeks doing pattern adjustments anyway!

      • Marieke says:

        Absolutely! It was so frustrating, especially after having just made a Tova with zero fit issues (and printed by my fiancΓ© at work, not by my friend, which may be key here).

        All the issues I was having would certainly fall under what a full bust adjustment would fix (high darts, waist line being too high, tight armcyes), but as a modest B cup that didn’t make sense at all. Being tall, changing dart placement did make some sense. Thankfully I can shelve those adjustments for now, and hopefully I’ll have a newly printed pattern on Monday.

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