Stashbusting in the new year!

Well, I’m excited.

I’ve just committed to joining the Stashbusting Sewing group with Cation Designs, one of my favourite bloggers.

I’m pretty excited about it, since hopefully it will be motivation for me to use a fabric from my stash at least once a month (I committed to using twelve pieces of fabric from there this year). I also committed to using five of my random balls of yarn from my stash, since as a crocheter I’m building up a bit of a yarn haul.

I’m one of those people that buys fabric that I like, even when I don’t necessarily have a plan for it, case in point: my partner and I recently went to Borneo (we got back a week ago tomorrow) and I took only hand luggage with me, and bought back a small duffel of fabric! Bah! Here’s the cool haul:


Clockwise from top left: There’s an awesome knit with some cute little birds on blossom branches, a synthetic floral of some kind, a floral poplin, awesome corduroy with spiders webs and lace and flowers and things on it in black, some gorgeous lace to make some bras with (x3), a piece of batik silk, some super light linen, a gorgeous light modal with stripes all over it and some mint green drill that I’m in love with. I can’t work out what to do with that but I love it.

More to come soon when I have photos of my recent projects!


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