Crochet beginnings…

Hello internet. Sorry about the extended hiatus. That’s what you get when you start a blog right before exams I suppose!

About a year ago, I decided that I wanted to teach myself how to crochet… Much to my mothers amusement…

I found her copy of ‘the Good House Keepers guide to Needlecraft’ and taught myself.

I had my failures and my triumphs… And learnt that reading ALL of the instructions was probably the best idea; see below…


My very first crochet ‘square’… turns out if you read the instructions properly, you learn about things like turning chains… And then you get this:


Much square-er, don’t you agree? (sorry about the dodgy pics, they’re old phone camera photos!)

And eventually, after much heartache over confusing abbreviations (seriously, could the US and UK not agree on ONE THING? Must they use completely different, but completely similar abbreviation systems??) you end up with things like this:


(My first commision!)

and this:


My first blanket…

and this, a project I started for my cousins wedding present, which is nearly finished! Yay! (just as well, because her wedding was last weekend… but late a late present is what she gets for putting her wedding in the middle of my exams!)


here’s another pic:


It’s a Babette blanket, or it will be. I’m sure you’ve seen lots of them floating about the interwebs. The colours haven’t come up very well here, but once I’ve finished piecing it all together I’ll take some better photo’s in better light.

I thought I’d make it for them because there’s nothing like a home made blanket to make you feel like you’re at home. And there’s nothing like snuggling under one of these when it’s cold outside, and she and her husband are from the country, so there are plenty of cold nights out there. The other reason is because I inherited one of these when I was a kid, and I have such strong memories of being amazed by all the stitches so perfectly lined up, and the way so many little bits put together made such a big thing.

So dear readers, have any of you ever tried to make a blanket? I’ve found it a loooong process, but now in the final stages, it’s super exciting because it’s starting to look like a whole big thing! Whoot!


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2 Responses to Crochet beginnings…

  1. thewallinna says:

    Such a cool blanket! I am sure your cousin will be thrilled! Just in case your cousin doest not want it, please sent it to me!!!! A blanket would probably be an ambitious project for me since I’ve never crocheted more than a flower (at school).

    • Thank you 🙂
      Trying to make a blanket is how I taught myself what all the stitches are- I made lots and lots and lots of different squares and flowers and circles etc. I have a box full of them that I will (hopefully) eventually turn into some sort of smorgasboard mis-matched blanket… It’s a long term aim though, since I have way too many other projects on the go at the moment! Good luck with your thimbles 🙂

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